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Puneet Srivastava – Director, Imhelium Australia

We are in digital marketing services across verticals. While restaurants, travel, education have taken a big hit, but banking, e-commerce and digital entertainment are doing fine. Online trading has done exceptionally well. Any vertical which is digitally mature is able to survive this crisis so digital transformation is critical for all verticals moving forward. Stay connected. Spend time with family, friends and colleagues, physically or virtually. Reach out to your old contacts. See if you can help someone in need, financially or just moral support.
I would advise start-ups to focus on finances: save on materialistic costs, plan your income/spending, apply for government incentives and try build a strong pipeline
Always promote internal knowledge sharing. On Networking: when money fails you, relationships can keep you afloat. Refresh your existing contacts and aggressively expand your network, digitally, do virtual coffees.

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