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Anmol Gogia – Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & CEO, Crobstacle

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In 2016, my father hired a digital marketing firm, to boost his business, but it did not produce results. And, a cherry on the cake, they ran away with all the money. I couldn’t see my father struggling with that business. I thought I should do something that would support him. That was the turning point of my life.

After this incident, I started Instagram marketing. Because the organic growth of Instagram was very good at that time, it produced good results for the business. I started getting good sales from Instagram. We were able to cover all our losses in the business. This was just a start for me.

After I came to college, I thought of upgrading myself. At the end of the first semester, I started working with different companies and during college did a total of 7 different internships, just to have a taste of the corporate world. This has helped me in gaining knowledge about the work that is offered in the corporate world.

Since childhood, I’ve always had this strong spirit of entrepreneurship. When I was in class 7, I read about silkworms. I arranged the silkworms and I started selling them to my classmates. I used to make new toys with the motors of old radio controlled toys and sell them. I also used to make cycle lights.
I’ve got experience of five years in digital marketing. In June 2020 I started my own venture ‘Crobstacle’, a partnership firm. We are right now a Global full-service digital marketing firm, soon planning on expanding in Digital Transformation verticals such as RPA, Programmatic advertising, and Growth Hacking.

Everything will be automated soon. We at Crobstacle plan to create a system through automation with the help of which I can help all the Indian local Kirana stores in marketing. Also, I visualize presenting my company in at least five countries in the next year years.

I want to tell people to make a plan and start working on it. Just start. There are chances it can turn out good. Don’t think much. Just keep working on your plan.

Have work ethics, maintain consistency, and have a strong mindset. You’ll come through with flying colors!

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