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Priya Jangid – Social Entrepreneur & Lifestyle Disorders Specialist

Back in 2017, I was given a target by my company and I was supposed to achieve it in two months. My work always involved travel but I would usually avoid as I wasn’t very confident about travelling alone. Travelling independently was beyond imagination as I lacked both encouragement and the right exposure. I was 75% through with my target in the very first week but I still had more work to do. In spite of all the limitations, I decided to take a trip to Nagpur for work, WITHOUT informing my parents about it. Nagpur is about 3 hours from Amravati, I thought I would get my work done, and be back before anyone would realise. With just Rs 200 in my pocket, I set off with a friend. Both of us worked non-stop but by the evening I still had 15% target yet to be achieved. I was running out of time. I had to get back home because nobody knew that I was not in my hometown.

We somehow managed to take the last train back to Amravati, by the time I got home it was past 11 and my father was right there at the front door waiting for me anxiously.
That day I got the worst scolding of my life. But all that I could think of was my work. I was grounded for a week for this recklessness. Time flew and it was D day. We were called for this massive event in Pune (for which I had been working hard). I was stressed about how I would convince my family to allow me to travel. But that’s when good friends come handy. My friend told my dad what I was up to and how hard I had been working.

To my utter surprise, my dad helped me achieve my targets and made sure I reached Pune in time for the event.That has been the best day, to date. I was awarded the fastest target achiever amidst 5000+ spectators. Since then, travelling and seeing the world on my own has been my absolute desire. There was a time when I would be scared of commuting around alone in my own city, and now I am working, travelling and living life the way I always imagine. It’s been a few months in a new city, my work takes me places and each place I visit surprises me in different ways. Travel for me has become the 4th basic need of my life.

Talking about myself, I’m an enthusiastic learner & passionate life coach urging to create unique experiences looking forward towards a boundless journey of acquiring knowledge and create innovations. I call myself as a problem solver with the services for the benefit of whole mankind 🙂

A girl converted into women very early in life by being responsible citizen, daughter, sister, friend, & So many other roles. Circumstances came through opportunities accelerated me more into past years which I never think that I could do without it.

I’ve always been passionate in adding good values in people’s life. After gaining sufficient experience in managing Human resources, I started helping and adding values to the youths of this nation to enable their highest vision.

Having begun my career when I was in my second year of under graduation in direct selling. I enjoyed my time & added values in IIT, NIT, BBA, Pharmacy, Medical students,also students from multi media colleges ! I’m having an experience of 3 year’s as a Human resources specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry.

I’m always adaptive by nature and always keen to learn and explore, always open to ideas, has moved successfully across a number of diverse functions having glorious experience like in personal coaching, business coach, nlp practitioner, counsellor, Human Trainer, People management, Event management ( offline & online both ), overall business operations, Social media management, Digital marketing expertise, creative thinker, graphic designer, Public speaking, Team leading, Lead generation, Content writing, nutrition consultant & lifestyle disorders specialist.

If anyone ask me ‘can you define yourself in one sentence ?’, then I reply – ‘Im a grl who never give up on anything !’ My best life lessons were taught each time I travelled. I love travelling, having hundreds of humourous & inspiring stories of mine to share with y’ll, l love eating variety of food, dancing, singing, listening to songs, cooking, socialising, writing, movies, making new friends, learning new languages, love to spend my time with nature ! I love to represent myself on stage :)) ( stage is my first love )


Till now, Collaborated with well known Dieticians of this nation from Noida, Gujarat, Lucknow, Malaysia, Hyderabad, Warangal & Ujjain. People from Teaching background, Iron Man & Guinness world record holder, Gym Trainer’s from India also exploring themselves on this Unique concept and adding values to society ! In the meantime, I have built a community where I am adding values and helping people to clean off their windows to get a better attitude so that they can explore themselves more in their life.

At last I just wanna say,
“Respect your dreams…. Let’s achieve it….!!!”

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