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How to Check PF Balance – Online, Message, Missed call, Umang

How to Check PF Balance - Online, Message, Missed call, Umang

Provident fund or Employee’s Provident Fund is a saving scheme under the aegis of Government of India. It provides benefits that an individual can enjoy post-retirement. This saving scheme is a combined contribution of the employer and the employee in an organisation. Employee Provident Fund scheme is regulated under the provisions of Employee Provident Fund Miscellaneous Act, 1952 with the supervision of Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). Once the contribution is made, it provides an opportunity to check balance regularly. In this article, we will help you understand how to check PF balance?

It is mandatory to register under the Employee Provident Fund Scheme if:

  • It’s a factory having 20 or more persons, and
  • It’s any other establishment which Central Government deems fit after appropriate notice. The Central Government gives 2 months’ notice to seek registration.


The EPFO is providing online services of registration under the scheme. In addition, it is also providing the facility to check and maintain the EPF Balance online. Now the question that comes to mind is how to check PF balance?

To check the EPF balance, it is necessary for an individual to have a Universal Account Number (UAN). This number is issued by the employer under the scheme of EPFO. There are various ways through which one can check their EPF balance and the same are detailed below:

A. How to check PF balance online?

One can check the details of their respective EPF account balance through the online portal of EPFO. You must be thinking how to check PF balance online? It’s simple and you just need to follow the steps as mentioned:

1. Open the website of Employee Provident Fund Organization of India (EPFO) (

2. Click on the right-hand side a blue button of e-passbook and the following window will appear in a separate tab

3. Enter the UAN Number allotted by the employer, enter the password and the captcha. Then click on the Login button after entering the details

4. After the login is done, click on the option of “VIEW PASSBOOK” on the top

5. After clicking “VIEW PASSBOOK” the PF balance will be displayed. If you want, you can download also the statement of your PF balance with the option provided

Hopefully, it was simple to understand how to check PF balance online? Now, we will discuss other topics in detail.


This might raise questions in your mind on how to check PF balance with a missed call? Is it reliable? How much will it cost? Let me explain the features below.

There is one simplest way to check the EPF balance when you do not have access to the internet. Simply, give a missed call on number 011-22901406 with the mobile number registered with UAN.

The call will automatically get disconnected after two rings. It is free of cost service and there will not be any charges for the missed call.

Then you will receive the details of your EPF balance through a message from the department.


There is another way to check the EPF balance is by sending an SMS and the details can be check in ten different languages.

1. Send the SMS on this number 7738299899 from the mobile number which is linked or registered in UAN. The message should be like this “EPFOHO UAN”.

2. Then you will receive an SMS in reply from the department containing the details of the EPF balance.


Another way to keep track and check of EPF balance is through an App known as UMANG. It stands for “Unified Mobile Application for New-Age Governance” launched by the Government of India.

The app offers many services on a single platform like registration on the portal, download the UAN Card, check EPF balance, edit the personal information, etc.

Following are steps to download the app and for checking the EPF balance:

1. Download the app from the play-store or online and install the UMANG APP

2. There will be one option of EPFO on the homepage. Select that option and click on “Employee Centric Services”

3. Enter your UAN after that one OTP (One Time Password) will come to the mobile number registered with the UAN

4. Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number

5. All your details will appear on your screen including the EPF Balance

Note: In order to avail the services, it is necessary that a KYC (Know Your Customer) has to be done. It is only then other services can be availed through the app.

Overall, how to check PF balance is a simple process which provides us with multiple options and we can select the one as per our own convenience.


1. What is UAN?

FAQ : How to Check PF Balance - Online, Message, Missed call, Umang

UAN is a Universal Account Number which is issued by the employer of the Company to the employees to provide the services of provident fund. It is a 12-digit number and it is also allotted to the members who register themselves under the scheme of Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO).

2. What if I lose my UAN Number, then how would I retrieve the same?

One can retrieve their UAN number by giving a missed call on the number 011-22901406 from the registered mobile number or by sending an SMS on 7738299899. Also, there is a toll-free number (1800118005) available and once can call to resolve their issues.

3. Are there any charges on SMS and missed call?

No, there are no charges on these services as they are the free cost of services.

4. Do I have register separately on the UMANG App?

If you have a UAN and is already a member of EPFO, then you do not have register separately on the UMANG App. You can just enter your UAN details with a password and start using the services offered on the App.

5. If the employer is not required to register under the scheme of EPFO, then can I register separately?

Yes, you can become a member under the EPFO Scheme by registering yourself on the portal or through the app.

6. Do I have to visit the EPFO office for the registration?

No, you do not have to visit the EPFO office for the registration as there is an online facility available for the registration and also various other services are offered online. We have explained in the article how to check PF balance various modes of checking PF balance

Please visit to avail all the services with just one click away on the portal.

7. Is it possible to edit the personal details after the UAN is allotted?

Yes, one can edit the details even after UAN is generated either through an online portal or through UMAG App. It has to be done in the option where personal details are shown in the profile section.

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