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Siddharth Mehta – Founder, Digifine

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Redefining Digital Space

Digifine, An Entrepreneurial Digital Marketing venture with its strength in Data Science & Machine Learning soars

Siddharth Mehta is one of those entrepreneurs who has been observing how business is run ever since he was a child. Instead of following what everyone is doing, he is someone who has always believed in looking forward to the future. His journey began when he started working for his family-run business.

Since then, Siddharth has worked for various reputed companies, which has helped him understand the in and outs of digital marketing. In 2018, with an initial investment of just Rs. 50,000, he started a company called Digifine. Digifine has completely revolutionized the way digital marketing is being taught to people who are new to the field.

When every other Digital Marketing firm focused on traditional methods such as Google Ads and Facebook-based advertising, Siddharth explored how machine learning and artificial intelligence would soon change the way marketing is done. In the first year itself, Digifine made more than Rs. 25 lakh and has been growing at an exponential rate ever since.

Students who have undergone training at Digifine are now placed in various multinational companies. Several companies and marketing agencies have recognized Digifine as one of the most innovative Digital marketing course creators.

With Digifine, he has proven that in order to be successful, all one needs is sheer will and determination.

His vision and his dedication to creating something unique have inspired a number of people to follow in his footsteps.

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