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Nishant Srivastava – Founder & Managing Partner, Actus Legal Associates & Advocates

In order to keep myself motivated, I have been revisiting the topic and areas which I was not able to pay attention to, when I was a student or I could not revisit due to the busy schedule and lifestyle aftet I joined the legal profession. Apart from reading a lot these days, I am also attending the various Webinars and the various online discussions and discourses by the seniors in the profession. I have been writing on the various legal topics and emerging legal issues, which have also been published by the various national dailies and media houses. Further I have been regularly appearing in Webinars and discussions as a Resource Persons and Speaker. I would advise the people behind start-ups to take out time to read the Biographies of the Industry leaders and better if the same are Autobiographies, since it gives one a window to look at the practical side and the real life challenges which these trailblazers have faced and gives one an insight into the ways and techniques to overcome such challenges.


I, being a Founder and Managing Partner of a Law Firm, can state with responsibility that Legal Profession is one of the most impacted professions, by this COVID-19 and the related successive lockdowns imposed.  Our Associates and we are attending Courts through virtual platforms/ video conferencing and are largely confined to WFH.
Almost all our appearances and arguments during these times have been through (VCs).


However, there has been a positive aspect of the sussecive lockdowns too, and the legal profession as such has turned over new leaves lately.
Use of modern technology in the legal field, be it trial Court, any Tribunal, High Court or the Supreme Court of India, in the last few months has rather been sudden than being a gradual tardy process. We have been able to come close to a goal in the last few months, which we were not able to achieve in the last 70 years or so when there was no coronavirus, i.e. digitalisation and maximum use of the technology in day to day working of the Courts. This transformation has the potential to increase the reach, comfort, speed and economy of the service to the end consumer of the legal services and for whom all the Courts and lawyers in India exist i.e. the litigant in the times to come.


Being a diehard optimistic, I feel that the revival has already started when it comes to the core industries, industrial production and the primary sector.  Our IT and IT Enabled Services Industry has been the real gainer when we talk of work opportunities during COVID-19. Yes, hospitality, travel and lifestyle industries have been deeply impacted as of now, but we have to look at the present situation as a rough phase, which even otherwise is cyclic in nature, so if we are looking at the trough, we must not forget that the next is the crest. In fact I would say that this COVID-19 has created a kind of level playing field for all, and here lies the great opportunity for the start-ups. The old and well established players are crumbling under their own weight and are unable to quickly adjust and change to the requirements of the customers and they are also suffering from various negative sentiments related with foreign funding and investment. Central Government’s Scheme like Make in India and the Single Window Schemes and other concessions being offered by the various State Governments, as on date, are going to be a big shot in the arm for the start-ups. I would say this is the most opportune time for one to startup. The economy has revived if you see opportunities and have faith in your dreams, otherwise the situation as dark as you think, both ways you are correct.



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